Week 6 Bingo entry. In my head Fingon worshipped his cousin as a child, and this was the main reason for braiding his hair with gold and wearing a lot of jewelry and taking a lot of care with his appearance.

Maedhros, on the other hand, didn’t have the best opinion of himself growing up, being borderline-depressive. And let me tell you, there’s nothing like having someone love you unconditionally if you are like that. So these two made each other really happy in their early years.

Perpetual, undying gratitude to my beloved friend greendragon-threebroomsticks for support and trust and not letting me give up and also for editing my bingo cards.

Looking for Middle-earth: the beginning


The blog is ready! Thats every one for your support and ideas, you guys are wonderful! 

Now I’m looking forward to see what your vision of Middle-earth is, so feel free to submit!

again thank oyu every one, your da bomb <3


still trying to make something elvish / at all for Curufin’s sigil. thankyou for the challenge, i never thought about him before, so it was a new angle on the text.
the blue is because the noldor made Manwe,s sceptre of sapphire, and C. was the second craftiest noldor…. . they all lived near the sea. opals are the first gem Tolkien mentions, and the gem in the middle i thought of as C.’s ‘masterpiece’, so Aule would say ‘yes, you are a jeweller now, well done.’
i can see how lame it is, but you get the idea. i think you would probably prefer not to be associated with this ham-fistedness…


This is song I hear as the Noldor settle into their new homes.


oh eru, it’s time for that chapter.

The chapter “Of Maeglin” always makes me cringe so to make it easier for myself, I like to pretend that this is the enchantment that Eol used on Aredhel.


Quick sketch of young Turgon with a little birdie.

Based on my silly headcanon that Turgon has fondness for birds because of this quote from Book of Lost Tales II. So we know that Turgon keep doves and pigeons in Gondolin <3

Also drawn for Tolkien Read-along Bingo!

Of Eöl


GFDI I swear to you Eöl sounds like the elven Count Dracula:

… it came to pass that he saw Aredhel Ar-Feiniel as she strayed among the tall trees near the borders of Nan Elmoth, a gleam of white in the dim land. Very fair she seemed to him, and he desired her […] There were his smithy, and his dim halls, and such servants as he had, silent and secret as their master.

So really there is only one faceclaim I will accept


I mean try reading this

there the sun never came; and there Eöl dwelt, who was named the Dark Elf

and not picture this


Ffs I mean

it came to pass that he saw Aredhel Ar-Feiniel as she strayed among the tall trees near the borders of Nan Elmoth, a gleam of white in the dim land. Very fair she seemed to him, and he desired her


You’re welcome.


So far Finrod has made friends with…


(as of the end of chapter 14 of Silm)

-Some dwarves (okay it doesn’t say they were friends, but compared to Thingol and Caranthir’s interaction with the Khazad, there’s a noted lack of description of how they didn’t like each other and only worked together due to a shared enemy… plus they gave him a name and he kept it so Finrod at least is clearly friendly towards them, even if what the dwarves think of Finrod is more along the lines of “what’s with this weird friendly elf?”)
-The elves of Ossiriand (who are described as being able to completely hide from people passing through their land so I’m guessing they’re not the most trusting of outsiders)

Finrod you’re just friends with everyone, aren’t you?

…also I can’t help but wonder whether Galadriel’s kind attitude towards Gimli isn’t a bit to do with her brother carrying a Khuzdul title for such a long time.

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There is no point in reading “Of Beleriand and its realms” (Chapter 14 of The Silmarillion) without Karen Wynn Fonstad’s Atlas of Middle Earth at hand.

But Emil Johansson’s Interactive Map of Beleriand is also amazing!! Give it a go and support lotrproject.

Yesssss, all the maps!