Valaquenta is the account of Valar and Maiar according to the lore of the Eldar, but there are some things the Valar do not speak of, and the Eldar can but guess. 

It is said in the lore that Manwë Lord of the Breath of Arda, and Varda Lady of Stars, dwell together in the halls of the tower of Oiolossë upon Taniquetil, and are seldom parted. Indeed, neither alone have given audience nor sat in judgement to the Eldar.

It is said, furthermore, that Manwë upon his throne sees further than all others should Varda stand beside him, and Varda looking out upon the stars from that uttermost tower hears more clearly than all others should Manwë stand beside her. 

Manwë is closest to Eru Allfather in thought, and in the face of Varda is the light of Ilúvatar, and to each these are both gift and burden, for such gifts are not without price. 

Such gifts are not without price. Alone upon Taniquetil Manwë first of Kings hears all but sees naught, and in ages forgotten Varda Elentári kindled the stars and gave up the Music. 

Thus it is, so the Eldar say, that of all who dwell in Arda Manwë and Varda are most tightly bound, for he without her is blind and she without him is deaf, but together under the watchful mind of Ilúvatar, they are Lord and Lady of All. 

Eru Illuvatar: I love all my children equally.
Eru Illuvatar (earlier that day): I don't care for Melkor.


…And [Melkor] descended upon Arda in power and majesty greater than any other of the Valar…

i didn’t fill a bingo square but i’m still made a thing?


I’m on a role today. Here’s another art for the read- along, because I forgot just how much I liked Varda. :)


Ainulindalë and Valaquenta finished! Conclusion: Melkor is a petulant toddler who’s a bit too interested in experimental jazz.


A transparent sticker-thing of Manwe, and the first I’ve made for the Tolkien read-along bingo.

When I finished colouring, I realised there is a LOT about his design I want to change (He needs huger fluffier hair. That’s number one). As a first attempt though it’s okay I suppose. I’ll try drawing him again, with more detail later.


I noticed a random thing

so the Ainur see this vision of the world and everything that’s going to happen later on, but then:

And some have said that the vision ceased ere the fulfilment of the Dominion of Men and the fading of the Firstborn; wherefore, though the Music is over all, the Valar have not seen as with sight the Later Ages and the ending of the World.

Leaving aside questions like just how much the Valar actually know (did they see everything? do they have perfect memories?) and how their knowledge can coexist with people’s free will/ability to change what happens… this sounds as though the vision stops around the end of the Third Age - the time LOTR is set. And LOTR is the latest of the books, in universe - which means the Valar stop knowing what’s going to happen in the history of Arda at the same time we, the readers, do.

I just thought that was neat


Sketches I make while reading about my three favorite Valar :) They’re not finished, but whatever. So, I’m gonna press enter before I chicken out



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