Arien and Anar


1920s AU Thingol and Melian

Al Pacino as Thingol

俐 (Gong Li) as Melian

For the Thingol square on the Team Doriath Bingo Card (Melian is a bonus)


MENEGROTH: The queen, the king, and the princess.

In honor of teamdoriath's Thousand Caves Fashion Show.


I actually like my Namo design so I sketched him a couple more times for the Readalong Bingo Ainur Card #2 Free Space. The old laptop can’t handle much image editing software so I can’t post the actual card until I get a proper computer.


Ulmo Lord of the Waters and King of the Sea

I was on holiday and made some photos with my Canon and had to think about Ulmo


quick Luthien sketch 

bingo card 

But wandering in the summer in the woods of Neldoreth he came upon Lúthien, daughter of Thingol and Melian, at a time of evening under moonrise, as she danced upon the unfading grass in the glades beside Esgalduin. Then all memory of his pain departed from him, and he fell into an enchantment; for Lúthien was the most beautiful of all the Children of Ilúvatar. Blue was her raiment as the unclouded heaven, but her eyes were grey as the starlit evening; her mantle was sewn with golden flowers, but her hair was dark as the shadows of twilight. As the light upon the leaves of trees, as the voice of clear waters, as the stars above the mists of the world, such was her glory and her loveliness; and in her face was a shining light.


'Too bright were the eyes of Arien for even the Eldar to look on, and leaving Valinor she forsook the form and raiment which like the Valar she had worn there, and she was as a naked flame, terrible in the fullness of her splendour.'

— Arien (Samantha Harris) and Tilion (Sarah Whale)